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Driver Compliance

Automated Log Audits Help Keep Drivers Legal

TransCore can help you gain control of your drivers' record keeping with comprehensive Driver Compliance Reports. Our fully computerized log auditing services include reviews of daily logs. You can quickly tell when drivers aren't following your internal safety rules or when they're out of compliance with DOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

TransCore's auditing services quickly spot drivers who are keeping sloppy records or falsifying logs. You can randomly select drivers' logs for audit against source records used in your daily operation. When your drivers know that at any time their logs may be subject to audit, it helps them develop better logging habits.

The benefit? You gain some breathing room to take needed corrective steps before the DOT requires it. Just think of it as extra insurance against unwanted fines.

Keeping up with drivers' logs and making sure that everyone who drives for you is in compliance can be one of the biggest challenges your company faces. Our driver compliance services can help you spot and correct problems before the DOT presents you with an unpleasant surprise. Our services include:

DOT log auditing
Log falsification detection services
Active, inactive, and terminated driver lists
Driver compliance notices
Driver violation summaries
Driver six-month recaps

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