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Driver Qualification

Our Reports Help Avoid Hiring Mistakes

Need to hire a qualified driver on your first try? TransCore offers a whole array of driver reports that will help you make the right choice before any paper work is signed.

For example, a Drivers List Report shows you drivers in three categories: active, inactive and terminated. The report can be configured in many different ways, including by terminal or company.

Need information on violations? TransCore's Driver Compliance Notice has detailed information on violations. The report includes the type of violations incurred as well as each incident's date and time. Or, you can see a monthly summary of all violations.

These reports can also help you attract and retain good drivers. The information they provide can make designing and managing bonus and recognition programs a snap. You can even issue report cards to every driver you have once they are hired. Some marginal drivers just might surprise you with how much their performance improves once they know where they stand.

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