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Registration & Permitting

From IRP to SSRS: Our Services Have You Covered

Whether you run multiple states or single states, TransCore offers the registration and permitting services you need for your fleet.

When operating across multiple states, the most efficient and cost effective method of registering a fleet of vehicles is through the International Registration Plan (IRP).

We can help you get registered using the IRP and continue your registration with renewals, supplemental applications for new vehicles and replacement cab cards or plates. To learn more about the entire IRP process, visit the International Registration Plan website.

Once we've registered your fleet through the IRP, you will receive the following for each vehicle: one license plate bearing the word "apportioned", one cab card (registration) listing each jurisdiction in which the vehicle has been registered, and the registered weight limit for the vehicle.

TransCore also offers permitting services on a state-by-state and national basis. We know you'd rather be spending your time finding more loads than worrying about licensing and authorities. For a reasonable monthly service fee, we can manage all of the following services:

Obtain SSRS (Single State Registration) from any state that requires the filing.

Obtain your IFTA license and decals in all states

Secure all Road and Mileage Tax credentials from the states of KY, NM, NY

Secure Intrastate Authority (to operate point-to-point within a state) for all states with this requirement

Secure D-1 Bingo Stamps for Exempt Carriers.
Remind you well in advance of annual renewals to determine any changes in your operation prior to submitting renewal filings

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