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Vehicle Titling

Simplify the Complex Job of Document Processing

Are you absolutely certain you have accurate titles for all trucks, trailers and equipment you have leased and financed? If the answer is no... give TransCore a call.

TransCore's Regulatory Service provides vehicle titling assistance for every state, including transfer of ownership, lien perfections and registration. Because titling requirements vary greatly from state to state, we've become experts in knowing which registrations, sales and use taxes, and property taxes are required.

This web of complex rules and regulations makes it nearly impossible for most companies to accomplish titling across multiple states in an efficient and cost-effective manner. That's why we've created a computerized system to capture and process all the data necessary to complete even the most complex titling jobs.

By outsourcing your titling needs with TransCore, you can focus on your core business and leave the document processing to us. Our titling services also include:

Lien Processing
Intrastate Vehicle Registration
Transfer of Ownership
Repossession Titles
Deficient Lien Processing
Duplicate titles

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